Liability to Third Parties

In an event of an accident Budget offers various vechile damage and theft waivers to reduce your damage costs. Third party claims resulting from such an accident, can also be limited through this Third Party Liability Cover.

Insurer's Undertaking

The insurer for the Third Party Liability Cover is Hollard Insurance Company Limited. Following payment of the premium and acceptance thereof by the insurer, the insured shall be indemnified by the insurer against defined events as set out in this policy.

1. Defined Terms

1.1 'Vehicle' means a passenger and light commercial vehicle as is described in the Avis Budget rental agreement entered into between Avis Budget and the insured;

1.2 'Avis Budget' means Rent a Car Division Barloworld South Africa (Pty) Ltd trading as Avis Rent a Car and/or Budget Rent a Car

1.3 'Insured':

i. means the client who has rented the vehicle from Avis Budget; and

ii Shall include the driver of the vehicle where the driver is an employee of the insured and was driving the vehicle under the authority of the rental agreement and the insured; and

iii. Shall include any person who is driving or using the vehicle under the authority of the rental agreement and the insured;

Provided That

i. The insured shall be subject to the terms, exceptions an conditions of this policy;

ii. The insured has not, to the insured's and/or Avis Budget's knowledge, been refused any motor insurance or continuance thereof by any insurer;

iii. The insured is not entitled to indemnity under any other insurance policy in regard to the cover provided hereunder except in respect of any amount not recoverable hereunder.

2. Defined Events

2.1 The insurer with compensate the insured for damage to property (other than property beloning to, held in trust or custody or under the control of the insured) as a result of any accident caused while the insured was driving the vehicle, in respect of which the insured becomes legally liable to pay any sums of money including the claimant's costs and expenses limited to the amount stated in the "LIMITS OF INDEMNITY" section below:

2.2 The insurer will also compensate the insured for all legal costs and expenses, incurred with the insurer's written consent, for defending any case relating to any "DEFINED EVENT", provided that the total of the insurer's liability for all "DEFEND EVENTS" under this policy shall not exceed the limit of indemnity stated in the "LIMITS OF INDEMNITY" section below;

Limits of Indemnity

The liability of the insurer in respect of any one occurrence shall not exceed the amount of six million rand.

Specific Exceptions Applicable

The insurer shall not be liable for: 

1. any damage to the vehicle itself;

2. any loss caused to third parties if the insured is in breach of the terms and conditions of the Avis Budget rental agreement;

3. any legal liability incurred outside the borders of South Africa, covered by any legally required third party insurance where it is a legal requirement of that country to take out such insurance.

Important Information

This insurance is governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa whose courts shall have jurisdiction in any dispute.

Information about your insurer

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Information about Avis Budget

Avis Budget a registered Financial Service Provider, licence number 43247, is a division of Barloworld South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Registration Number 1946/021661/07. Avis Budget acts as an intermediary for the insurer from which is earns 20% commission.

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