Authorisation Hold Explained

When collecting the car

  • Budget requests your bank to reserve a hold against the funds of your card.
  • Your bank will usually present this as a pending transaction that reduces the money you have available to spend. This might appear as a debit on your statement but it is not. 
  • We do not charge your card. No funds are actually taken from your account.
  • This hold will be the estimated cost of your rental (including a tank of fuel and extras) less any amount paid in advance. 

When returning the call

  • Once your card has been charged with the invoice amount, the hold will be released by your bank. 
  • As this was a temporary hold and not charged, the return funds will not be shown as a transaction on your statement, instead your available balance will increase. 
  • Depending on your bank, it can take up to 30 days before this is reflected on your account balance. 
  • The time to release the hold is not within our control. 

Please contact your bank for any authorisation hold queries.

Additional Weekend Authorisation

If you are renting over a weekend (Between Thursday 00h01 and the following Monday 23h59) an additional "weekend authorisation" will be taken for the duration of the rental as follows:

- Coastal Branches -  R3,500 (on all car groups)
- Inland Branches - R7,500 on Car Groups A-E and R10,000 on Car Groups F - N

The additional weekend authorisation will be waived from airport locations upon presentation of a valid airline boarding pass/e-ticket printout.