Budget GPS Terms and Conditions

1. When collecting the GPS unit at the Budget station, the GPS Renter should check that all accessories (ie: a GPS unit, a charger, a cradle and suction cup) are in the Budget GPS bag.

2. The GPS unit should be switched on at the rental counter to ensure the unit has power and is ready for use (note: some environments may experience poor, or loss of signal due to the nature of the building). The GPS unit will be assumed to be in good working order unless otherwise advised by the GPS Renter while on the premises of the Budget GPS collection branch.

3. In the event that a GPS unit has been stolen during the rental period or damaged beyond economical repair, the GPS Renter will be responsible for the specified GPS Rental liability amount.

A copy of the Budget Damage Report Form (enclosed in the Budget Rent A Car Rental Agreement) must be completed on return to record the loss/damage.

4. The GPS Renter is fully responsible for the return of the GPS unit to an Budget branch.

It is recommended, that when returning the Budget GPS unit at an Budget branch, it is handed to an authorized Budget representative and a pro-forma invoice requested to ensure correct billing.

5. The GPS Renter is not authorized to take the GPS unit across the South African borders (except Swaziland and Lesotho) unless authorization has been recorded in the Budget Cross  Border letter.6. A GPS unit cannot be issued to any car rental customer wishing to travel on a one way returning outside of South Africa (note: including Swaziland and Lesotho).

7. The GPS Renter accepts the applicable legal binding conditions already signed in the Budget Rent A Car Rental Agreement.

8. The GPS Renter agrees to the following charges:

When a vehicle one way fee is being charged an additional GPS one way fee of R250 will be charged to return the GPS unit back to the original check out station.

Loss or damage of any one of the GPS unit accessories will be charged at R265 each to a maximum of the GPS Rental liability.