Dear $firstName,This is a reminder email for your Budget Car Rental due in a few days. We look forward to seeing you.
Please find details of your booking below, your reference is $reservationNumber.
Be sure to read the document as it contains information about your rental location.
If you have cancelled your booking please ignore this email.

Need to Cancel?

You cancel your booking by calling us on 086 101 6622 / +27 11 387 8002.

Booking Terms and Conditions
Please see the Booking Conditions ($bookingLinkUrl) for more details on cancelling your booking, the associated charges and how to claim any refund you may be entitled to.

Pre-paid Bookings
If you cancel your booking before the pick-up time you will receive a refund (less cancellation/administration charges). No refunds will be made for bookings cancelled after the pick-up time. For full details please read our Pre-pay Terms and Conditions.

Thank you and Drive Safely.



$firstName $lastName

Contact: $contact

Rental from $dateOfRental through $dateOfReturn
Pickup location: $rentalLocation
Opening hours on day of pick-up: $pickupOpeningHours

Return location: $returnLocation
Opening hours on day of return: $returnOpeningHours


Car group: Group $carGroupCode ($carGroupMakeModel or similar)
Please note Budget is confirming a car group and not a specific model or engine.

Price: $amount $localCurrency









Please use the link below to modify or cancel your booing:


Additional drivers, Out of Hours, How to find us


Important Rental Location Information
We recommend you read the Location specific conditions ($irliLinkUrl). which gives you important information you need to know about your rental.

Contact Information
If you have any question about your booking, please visit, alternatively, please call us on 086 101 6622 / +27 11 387 8002 .

Don't forget

You will need to bring the following when collecting your rental car:

- A copy of booking confirmation.
- A valid payment card (to which any additional charges may be charged). Please refer to PAYMENT CARDS in Location Specific Conditions for more on cards we accept.
- A valid driving licence – just the photocard.
- Driving licence of any additional driver you have requested.
- Passport or identity card of main driver and any additional drivers when renting abroad.

Breakdowns and Emergencies

We recommend saving our 24 Hour Roadside and Emergencies number, 0800 001 669 / +27 11 387 8432, on your cellphone for easy reference in the unlikely event of a breakdown or roadside emergency.

Rental Deposit

When collecting your rental car, Budget will take a refundable authorisation hold over and above the estimated rental cost. This deposit will cover the rental charges, refuelling, additional kilometres, Contract fee, waivers and any additional services selected. This will reflect as an authorisation on your credit card and will be held for the duration of the rental.

If you are renting over a weekend an additional "weekend authorisation" will be taken for the duration of the rental as follows:

- Coastal Branches - R3,500 (on all car groups)
- Inland Branches - R7,500 on Car Groups A-E and R10,000 on Car Groups F - N

The additional weekend authorisation will be waived from airport locations upon presentation of a valid airline boarding pass/e-ticket printout.

When returning the rental car your credit card will be debited with the actual rental charges applicable and the authorisation amount will be released within the time frame as stipulated by your own banking institution.

Sometimes the authorisations are not released within a 72 hour timeframe. If this does occur to you, we ask that you contact Budget Customer Care on 086 101 6622 or +27 11 387 8002 (option 2), so that they can manually request the release of the authorisation with the relevant bank.

Wish you a safe and enjoyable journey. Thank you for choosing Budget.